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Principal Dana King
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Mission Statement: The Millbrook High School Business Alliance is made up of business professionals and community volunteers in the triangle area. Our common bond to help our youth grow into successful young adults creates a wonderful team that truly gives from the heart to the students and faculty of Millbrook High School. Our goal is to help prepare high school students for their next step. Whether it is college, trade school, military or straight to work, it is our job as adults to help ensure our youth are prepared with the skills they will need to be prosperous in their journey.

MHS Business Alliance Members:

First row:  Dara Haney; Michael Ianucilli; Shirley McCall; Paula Autry; Wanda Green; Jody Gross; Marta Ajoku, student; Gena Cooper, Administrative Secretary; David Weiss, student; Damian Powell, Assistant Principal;

Back row:  Sgt. Bogdan Ionescu; Sgt. Jason Belcher; Chris Povolny, Chair; Steve Arbogast; Linda Quarles, Career Development Coordinator; Dana King, Principal; Sgt. Bruce Spencer

Not pictured: Justin Beardon, Robert Dalton, Debra Derr, Sandy Fain, David Haywood, Denise KirklandSteve Norwood, Jeff Odum, Deb Dove Smith, Bob Woodson, Renee Wooten 

MHS Business Alliance Contacts:

Chris Povolny , Chair
Bland Landscaping Company, Inc.


Linda Quarles , Career Development Coordinator
Student Services
Millbrook High School
Spring Forest Road
Raleigh, NC 27615
Phone: 919-850-8805
Fax:  919-431-8181